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New life

You’ve taken the first step toward pursuing and achieving your goals!

Learning, questioning, and exploring your options are vital to any major decision.

So, what is a life coach?

As the name implies, a life coach is a guide, helping you on the path to the changes you seek in your life. Each coaching relationship is unique and individually tailored to fit your specific situation, desires, and comfort level. We are partners, working together to first identify or clarify your goals, and then mapping a course to achieve them.

During our life coaching sessions, we will explore what you want out of life, and how to be intentional in attaining it. My role is to help you identify challenges that may be holding you back, and strategize ways to overcome them. We will explore what inspires you, your passions, your strengths, and how to use those unique and positive qualities to your benefit to create the changes you seek.

As your coach, I will encourage, guide, and challenge you. My approach is gentle accountability – helping you discover and pursue your own path, while also keeping you focused and on track with integrity, honesty, and compassion. My desire is for you to succeed in creating the fulfilling life you seek.

Life Coaching is for ALL AGES.

Each stage of life comes with unique challenges, obstacles, and opportunities. From youth struggling to establish their life path and navigate the challenges of peer pressure and discovering who they are... to adults evaluating where their life is and where it's going... or seniors in the "golden years" facing the changes of retirement and a new phase of life... I work with everyone at every stage of life.
Where is my life going?

What to expect

Not sure if life coaching is right for you?

Don’t worry!  We’ll start with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.  No stress, no requirements, no commitments.  We’ll talk about your goals, the coaching process, and answer any questions you have.

If you decide to continue your life coaching sessions, we will work together to identify and/or establish your personal goals, and a clear, customized plan toward achieving them.  I believe communication, clarity, and accountability are key to success. Therefore, to help keep you focused and encouraged, I will check in with you regularly via phone call, text, or email (whichever you prefer).

In order to make tangible progress on your goals, I recommend a minimum of three 60-minute life coaching sessions where we will dig deeper, examine potential obstacles, and fine-tune your plan. Each session is $85, and can be done in person or via phone or Zoom.

Complimentary consultation

30 minutes
In person, phone or Zoom
Discuss goals and planning


Brief progress check-ins
via call, text or email
whichever you prefer

One Hour
Coaching Sessions

In person, phone, or Zoom
Minimum of 3 sessions
COST: $85 per session

Kari Kraker

Kari Kraker

Certified Life Coach



A little about me and why I am a Life Coach…

I have a passion for helping people and want to see them thrive.  I believe we are meant to live a life that is fulfilling, rewarding, and balanced.  We all just need a little guidance and help along the way.

It began in a styling chair…

I have been an independent hairstylist for many years.  One of my favorite things about being a stylist is getting to know each and every person that sits in my chair on a personal level.  I love hearing their stories, sharing in both their celebrations and trials.  It has helped me be a great listener and a person who understands that each of us are unique in our experiences, where we are in life, and how we go about our lives. I wanted to help even more people, beyond my styling chair. This led me to the decision to pursue my goal of becoming a Certified Life Coach.

I live in Anoka County (north of the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area) with my husband of 30 years. We have two adult children. We love calling this area home, and were blessed to raise our family here. However, I am available for online coaching sessions no matter where you live!

I want you to be your best self.  I will help you identify and achieve your goals, developing a clear plan of action with a realistic timeline. 


Guiding you to where you want to be


Whether we meet in person or virtually, if you are just beginning or on your way - I am here to walk beside you and guide you.

I've known Kari for over 22 years and watched her amazing ability to connect with the youth, middle school, and high school aged young adults. Her God-given gifts and strengths to listen to a person and ask thought-provoking questions that make one think and reflect on their decisions is second-to-none. Kari is trustworthy, approachable, encouraging, compassionate, direct, non-biased, keeps you accountable, and is very helpful in solving problems. She will also keep matters confidential between her and the individual she is coaching. I would trust Kari to be a life coach for my own child. Anyone would be blessed to be coached by Kari Kraker! I highly recommend her.
Shannon S.
I have known Kari for over 14 years. We first met at church, when my family was new and didn't know anyone. Kari worked at the welcome desk (a perfect fit for her!) and welcome us she did - with open arms, a genuine smile and engaging laugh. She put us at ease from the moment we met her. Over the years, she also became my hair stylist, and my friend. She is always there with a listening ear, empathy and compassion, and boundless encouragement. She truly cares about each individual as a person, and her passion is seeing people thrive in life. I HIGHLY recommend Kari as a life coach! You will have a caring and honest friend in your corner - listening, guiding, encouraging, and rooting for your success.
Joy A.
I think Kari will be a terrific life coach. She is an empathetic listener who possesses all the qualities of a great coach. She has an exceptional ability to understand and connect strongly with others. I’ve never seen her other than optimistic and encouraging. Although this is technically a new endeavor, she has all the skills already; and I believe this is the logical next step in her journey and I fully support it. I know that her new and future clients will benefit from her talent and natural abilities. I envision that her clients will find Kari’s compassionate support, clear and honest communication, and enthusiastic style will help them in whatever challenges and/or hurdles they are dealing with, to reach a new and rewarding place in their life.
Ric M.
I've been seeing Kari most of my life, since I was about 3. She really cares about her clients and wants the best for them. She is a good listener and is positive and encouraging, helping me when I'm down or going through something difficult. Kari is kind and helpful, and understands that people have different experiences. I am impressed with how passionate and determined she is, doing so much with her life.
Morgan T.